She wanted an outdoor wedding almost regardless of the weather. It was about 40 degrees, winds of about 20-30 miles per hour, with some rain and maybe even sleet mixed in. On top of that, the wedding was in a gazebo overlooking Lake Michigan. What can you expect for an October wedding in Michigan?

Kim looked beautiful on her wedding day. The entire family had come together to prepare the food, organize the day and all she had to do was arrive. Looking at the image of the ceremony, you’ll see her veil is blowing from the winds off of Lake Michigan.

There were about 100 people who witnessed the ceremony and survived the elements. While I “paint” an image of cold, wet and miserable, this was truly one of sweetest, most in-love weddings I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. Keep reading and you’ll see one of the sweetest moments between two people that I have ever captured!

The wedding and the reception was held at a cottage/resort north of Benton Harbor that looked like it was straight out of the movie, “Dirty Dancing” and the 50’s. That only added to the color and the charm of the day. I enjoyed the family and friendship that Kim had with her bridal party and her incredible excitement for her day. One of my favorite images of all time is below and while I would love to take credit for being a brilliant photographer, I must admit that it was simply being in the right place, at the right time.

Could you imagine anyone happier,…….or more in love? I don’t think so.

And I was the lucky guy they hired to photograph their wedding.

Thanks, Kim.

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